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Building Your Brand Image On-Hold

You spend a fortune on your advertising and marketing plans–social media, print, maybe even radio and TV to promote your brand and drive customers to your website and facility Advertising and marketing promotions encourage customers to call your business, but if you’re not enhancing your customer’s experience throughout their journey, you’re wasting all that money.


Brand” has infiltrated the lexicon of B2B marketing, and is now THE catchword for building a marketing campaign. Simply put, your brand is your customer’s perception of your company. When building your brand, consider if you are informal or corporate? Are you community service oriented? Are you the default source for what you’re selling or are you still finding your niche? All these things converge to create your company image, and it’s crucial that your customers have a positive experience whenever engaging with the organization.  

Your brand should present a unified message with every customer interaction to create a consistent image. If you’re online presence and other marketing present one image, your Message On Hold should align with that image. Your Message On Hold doesn’t need to be boring or a turn-off. Every component of your business is adding to the value of your company; your challenge is to ensure its all positive and in alignment with your brand image.

Some businesses don’t consider the importance of engaging customers. It might seem to be a small aspect of your branding, but using positive on-hold messaging can have a big impact. Positive on-hold messaging can affect customer perceptions and how they feel about your brand. Callers are turned off by the ubiquitous “Your call is very important to us” line, or even worse, silence. If you’re subjecting your callers to that type of customer experience, then branding efforts are pretty much down the tubes. Greeting your callers with professional prompts and a custom message, will make their hold time a positive interaction instead of a necessary evil. 

As a business owner, you want to capture your customer’s attention at any point on their journey, especially when they’re on hold. On the marketing spectrum, that’s almost the end of the rainbow–you’ve caught their attention and they’re calling.  Now that you’re receiving the calls you want to make the most of their hold time. There’s a fine line between keeping callers holding long enough to hear great content tailored to your business, and being obnoxious, with a never-ending infomercial.  Keep it short and informative. 


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