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Brand Image: A Unified Voice for Call Processing

For humans, the sense of hearing provides depth and richness to life. Likely, there are sounds that you experience that evoke a deep emotional response within you. Studies indicate that those who experience hearing loss often suffer from depression because hearing is typically integral to one’s experience of life itself.

BrandImage_CallProcessingHumans are hard-wired to interpret the sounds around them to form judgments on the spot. For instance, you can usually easily identify emotions such as anger or sadness in the voice of those speaking to you, even if no visual clues are present.

Why is all of this important when considering your telephony systems? Simply put, the voice that you choose for call processing will prompt a response in customers who call your company, either for good or for bad. Therefore, it is essential to choose a professional, unified voice for call processing.

The first step in choosing such a voice is perhaps the most important one. You must clearly define your prime objectives. For instance, when customers call your company, what is the general impression you want them to develop right away? Realistically speaking, their first impression will likely color their further communication with you, so getting it right from the  beginning is essential.

Think about your brand image and your target customer. What type of voice will most closely represent who you are as a company and who your customers are? Is it a young, upbeat, cheerful voice? Or maybe it is an older, more seasoned, calm voice. Regardless of what type of voice you choose, remember that it represents your company and helps your customers form the all-important first impression.

Ideally, one professional, united voice can be used for all your auditory customer call processing points. What are the advantages of this? Using one voice across multiple branches:

  • Allows you to send a strong branding message to your customers.
  • Presents a professional, cohesive image of your company – sonic branding.
  • Provides an easily identifiable message for your customers.
  • Enhances customer trust in your company.
  • Raises the comfort level of your customers as they navigate through your telephony system.
  • Evokes a positive response in your listeners immediately.
  • Improves the efficiency of call routing to designated departments.

With all these benefits, it is easy to see why choosing wisely in this area is so essential to your business. If you would like more information about how to choose the best professional, united voice to reflect your particular brand.


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