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Brainstorming Your Branded Content

Branded Content has become more complicated over the years. However, it can open so many doors for businesses of any genre. Articles, videos, podcasts, and other live elements are what makes a nice batch of Branded Content. The overall key of Branded Content is to grab the attention of the consumers of today and drive engagement through content. This type of engagement will allow consumers to be either entertained or can teach them valuable things.

When trying to establish your type of Branded Content, there always should be a strategy. Granted, not every business will have the same strategy set up, but everyone’s end goal should be to engage, entertain and inform their consumers. The overall key is to build your brand build your brand and figure out how to keep building that brand up. Ask yourself, how do you want to make your consumers aware of your business and what you do? Why do you want consumers to choose your business over your competitors? Think of yourself in their shoes and try to think outside of the box as to what they would want or need to hear when engaged with your business, whether it be on your website, in your mission statements, social media, or Message On Hold program.




Another great tip to utilize when brainstorming, get a group of employees together and just have a great and interactive brainstorming session. Making a list or a bubble chart allows you to see how much content you have and how you can produce that content to your consumers. From there you can narrow down what information would be best for your brand. Remember, you want to make your content stand out from your competitors and make it impactful toward your audience. Keep in mind the following: what do I already have versus what do I need?

Remember, make your content memorable. Your consumers will remember you and your business based off the unique content you put into your business brand. From a jingle to a catchphrase this will not only entertain and engage your audience, but it will also make a tick in their memory about your business and what your business is all about.