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5 Key Features of the Best Overhead Music for Healthcare Facilities

overhead music for healthcareOverhead music in healthcare facilities is much, much different than overhead music in retail stores or other business settings. Whether in a major hospital or local doctor’s office, a healthcare facility’s audio needs to appeal to a wide variety of people, many of whom are ailing, nervous, or otherwise concerned. So what do you do? Some facilities choose to do nothing – they leave their waiting rooms and corridors silent. Others intentionally choose boring, barely-noticeable tracks, hoping not to offend anyone. In either situation, facilities are missing an opportunity to use music with a purpose – calming patients and caretakers, helping staff, and easing the experience of waiting.

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4 Killer Examples of Website Audio Done Right

4 examples of website audio done rightWebsite audio has gotten a bad rap. Many people think sound has no place on the internet, that web browsing should be a silent experience.

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6 Ways Professional on Hold Messages Help Improve Your Image

reflection in car mirror image enhancing on hold messages 136511452Adding a professional Message On Hold program to your phone system is an easy way to improve the image of your business. It helps you make a great first impression and helps your customers get valuable sales and service information. Here are 6 ways a professional on hold message can help improve your image:



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5 Reasons to Control The Overhead Music In your Store

5 reasons to control overhead musicMany background music solutions for stores are playlist-focused. These same business music services lock you into pre-built playlists (not to mention long-term contracts) that you can’t review or edit before playing in your store. While this “plug and play” method may make the systems easy to use, it also presents many potential issues for businesses using the programming. Instead of playing overhead music that helps boost sales, you end up playing the wrong track at the wrong time and shoppers end up leaving your store before making a purchase.

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5 Considerations for Updating Your Business Phone System

5 considerations for Updating Your Phone SystemKeeping up with today’s constantly changing technologies is top of mind with many businesses – for a good reason. Many small and midsized businesses are revisiting their computer systems, digital presence, and even their phone systems. New hosted VoIP solutions are feature-rich and appealing. Even traditional, on-premise phone systems are capable of integrated expanded features. 

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#OnHold Fails and Wins to Brighten Your Day

Have you ever searched for #onhold on Twitter? It’s one of my favorite activities… and it’s not because I work for a company that produces on hold messages, it’s because the #onhold content is some of the funniest, silliest Twitter fodder out there. Here are some on hold fails:

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New Apple Patent Could Help Your On Hold Experience

While Message On Hold programs are the traditional way to share content with people waiting on hold, but  one of Apple’s latest patents is seeking to change the way we interact with our friends – and potentially businesses – on hold.

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Two Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Telephone Audio Scripts

2 Questions to ask when writing telephone scripts question mark maze 166291742When you’re writing an audio script for your phone system, as opposed to a piece written for print (online or off), the right script makes all the difference. There are two questions you should consider before beginning a new project:

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Do You Still Need a Professional Cell Phone Voicemail Greeting?

It’s 2013. Do we still need to talk about voicemail messages on cell phones? When was the last time you checked your inbox? When was the last time you left a message??


Using Characters and Personas in eLearning Programs

characters and personas for elearning program audioMany complain that eLearning programs and web-based training are impersonal, which hinders student engagement and detracts from the overall experience. But eLearning has significant advantages over traditional teaching methods, including student-guided activities and the ability to review information multiple times for increased retention and understanding.