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Message On Hold – The Key to Unified Communications

Your team has worked diligently to create a marketing and communication strategy that will increase sales and strengthen your competitive edge. Understanding how to create effective audio marketing scripts for Message On Hold can make a difference as to how clients perceive your brand. Your telephone greetings and hold script is a customer’s first experience with your company. These first interactions are essential for convincing customers you can deliver on the promise of your marketing materials. Will the caller’s experience on the phone, mirror their expectation?  The caller experience will mirror the customer expectation if your on hold program delivers a consistent, brand-driven message that aligns with your marketing and communications strategy.

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VOIP vs PBX Phone Systems

Today, businesses have an abundance of phone system options to consider for their communication needs. In the past, small to mid-size organizations with multiple phones relied on a private branch exchange (PBX), which connected internal lines to external lines, and managed functions such as call holding or call forwarding. Thanks to technology most of these features are available on a  VoIP system, often at a lower cost than traditional phone systems.  


Four Things To Avoid In Your IVR, Auto Attendant, and Voice Prompts

Voice prompt menus, IVR, and auto attendant greetings can be a helpful way to get more information to your customers. You can mention your business hours, current specials, a temporary store closing, or a charity drive that you’re going to be having in the near future. Since you may already have an idea about what you want to say on your phone script, here are a few things you will want to steer clear of:

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Message on Hold & Voice Prompt Tips from Aristotle

At its heart, what is a message? What is it supposed to do? A message transfers information, but iif it is not engaging will that information reach the listener. Centuries ago Aristotle was so successful at creating an engaging message, humanity still listens to his words today. His artistic proofs offer great audio marketing script tips for messages on hold and prompts.

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6 Script Tips for Your Hold-Time

Audio marketing scripts are used by many companies in today’s business world. Hold times that are often filled with “dead air” or music can be used more effectively to convey messages to your customers. Here are five script tips for how to use Message On Hold, instead of playing boring elevator music.

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Building Your Brand Image On-Hold

You spend a fortune on your advertising and marketing plans–social media, print, maybe even radio and TV to promote your brand and drive customers to your website and facility Advertising and marketing promotions encourage customers to call your business, but if you’re not enhancing your customer’s experience throughout their journey, you’re wasting all that money.

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4 Tips for Improving Your Remote Customer Experience

What defines customer experience at your company? Many businesses define customer experience, brand identity and recognition from the moment a customer comes within sight of a business location. Physical branding (the look, feel, and experience onsite) follows common sense and easily tested systems, but extending the branding experience to people off-site through your website and telecommunications access often overwhelms business people. 

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What Your Holiday Phone Recording Should Say

Shoppers and busy bees seeking to check off everything on their to-do lists in the quickest way possible are in full swing during the holiday season. No one wants to spend hours on hold listening to dull phone recordings when they could be enjoying that time with their family and closest friends during this season. Effectively directing calls through calling systems under pressure is crucial to maintaining everyone’s satisfaction throughout this season.

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Message On Hold: The Holiday Marketing Tool You Forgot

The holidays are a crazy busy, stressful time for everyone–the “goodwill towards men” part seems to come after they’ve found that one sold out toy, mailed packages, and rehabbed the tree after the cat knocked it over. Don’t let your holiday Message On Hold add to your customer’s frazzle factor. Your Mesaage On Hold  and voice prompt phone recordings are always important, but are a crucial factor during December. 

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Holiday Voice Prompts and On Hold Tips

During the holiday season, many businesses find themselves busier than they are at any other time of year. Orders are pouring in, and along with those orders come a variety of questions and complaints that tie up the phone lines. While many retailers hire extra staff to help with the increased demands of the holiday season, there will likely still be increased hold times. To help avoid customer frustration, it’s important to record professional holiday messages for your phone line’s hold message.