ACD: The Valuable Tool Your Company Isn’t Using

An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) can be a very valuable tool for a company. What it does is fairly self-explanatory: it distributes calls automatically, letting your customer service team focus on serving customers instead of having to spend time directing calls. ACDs have a large number of additional benefits beyond saving time, however.

Automatic_Call_DistributorCall accounting. Most ACDs track the number of incoming calls and the time they are received, which provides the company with an idea of peak times and slow times. This allows the company to adapt to its particular pattern of call saturation.

Call reporting. In addition to counting calls, many have the ability to record how long callers stayed in the queue before being helped, as well as how many callers hung up without being helped and how long those callers were waiting for. This gives the company information so that it can optimize staffing and call flow to service as many callers as possible.

Intelligent assignment. An ACD can be programmed to assign calls to particular agents (if available) based upon the call’s subject, so a company can have calls assigned to the available agent with the most relevant expertise.

Call monitoring. ACDs allow supervisors to listen to calls as they are occurring, which in turn allows the supervisors to give specific and accurate feedback to their agents.

Not only do Automatic Call Distributors save time, they also record quite a bit of information about call patterns, which enables companies to optimize their customer service configuration.


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