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6 Script Tips for Your Hold-Time

Audio marketing scripts are used by many companies in today’s business world. Hold times that are often filled with “dead air” or music can be used more effectively to convey messages to your customers. Here are five script tips for how to use Message On Hold, instead of playing boring elevator music.


  1. Announcements – If there is a change in a policy or store hours, a new location opening up, or any other bit of news that your customers need to know about, playing your announcements during a hold time is a good way to keep them informed. If using your auto attendant for these type of message be sure to position the announcements after your general voice prompt menu. Putting them before your voice prompts can cause impatience and irritation with some callers.  Either way, make sure the information is kept up-to-date and accurate with changing seasons.
  2. Current sales or discounts – Are you running a sale during fall to decrease your summer merchandise so you’ll have more room for winter items? Now is a good time to tell your customers. Letting them know that they can save money by coming on into your store can be a good incentive that will help increase your foot traffic.
  3. Website promotion – Hold time can be a good time to make customers aware of what information they can find on your website. Can they track a package? Print a return mailing label? Find out their account information? Letting them know how the website can be of assistance to them can help reduce the average hold time all of your customers experience by directing some of your phone traffic to your website.
  4. Hiring info – Are you currently looking for a new manager for one of your locations? Or do you need more customer service representatives? Letting customers know that you’re hiring, via your hold-time script, can be a free and rather effective means of getting your message out to the public.
  5. Recalls – If you sell an item that is currently under recall, including it in your Message On Hold is the perfect place to let customers know. Give them a brief description of the recall, then let them know that the customer service agent they will be speaking to can give them more details about the situation. It’s important in this situation that you have made all your customer service reps aware of the recall and what to tell your customers about it.
  6. Get Social – If you use social sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to promote services and educate your clients, your message on hold is a great way to connect your clients with your social presence.  Restaurants featuring menu items being cooked, live streams of the line outside, and instant Twitter promotions are just some innovative ideas clients have used to cross-promote social activity to their callers on hold.

Whatever information you decide to use for your marketing script, make sure it’s informative and concise. Try to avoid extending your customers’ time on the phone — the goal is to fill the time, not create more time to have to fill.

Also, be aware of when your Message On Hold content needs an update. Keeping the content fresh and new can let your customers know that they are receiving the most up-to-date information available. A content marketing calendar can be a big help with keeping you aware of your marketing plan, and when you want to put out which marketing script. Having a marketing plan for these messages can help you position them how you want them, and will help you not to accidentally forget one that you want to list.


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