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6 Blogs From 2013 To Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing continued to be on everyone’s todo list in 2013.  Check out these 6 popular posts from our blog which cover all your digital marketing from your phone system, to your website, and beyond. They’ll inspire you to complete every item on your marketing agenda.

47 Business Video Marketing Ideas

Looking for inspiration to add video content to your marketing mix?  This blog will get you and your team thinking about how to use video in your marketing. Whether you’re a large healthcare system or a small resturant, jumpt start your brainstorming session with this blog and free download. #Video 


Top Effects Overhead Music Has On Behavior

CX or Customer Experience continues to grow as a key metric for all companies looking to boost their loyalty scores. Brands often overlook the power music can have on your shoppers experience.  Check out this blog to get into the science of what motivates us and how to avoid negativly impacting customer behavior. #Backgroundmusic 

6 Ways Professional On Hold Messages Help Improve Your Image

As marketing budgets continuing to shrink and “Do More With Less” seems to be the mantra of management, Message On Hold continues to be a strong performer. You’ll improve more than your image when you take a 360 degree view of Message On Hold.  #messageonhold 


How to Take Advantage of Prezi’s New Audio and Voice Capabilities

For years eLearning professionals have utilized the ease and flexibility of Prezi to make their training stand out. With Prezi’s new audio and voice features, you can create your own media rich training program without incurring expensive development costs. Learn how you can take your training to the next level without having to learn a new LMS. #eLearning 

3 Types of Audio Scripts for your Phone System

Does your company engage heavily with customers directly over the phone? If so, our blog can be an invaluable resource, helping you to improve your caller experience and get the most value possible from your phone system. Sample scripts help demonstrate how to craft the right scripts for your callers. #voicerecordings

How Not To Narrate: Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Virtual Tour Narration

Virtual tours are no longer merely a tool for the real estate and hospitality sectors.  Healthcare Systems and assited living facilities are making virtual tours a standard component of their marketing fulfillment and they are adding audio to enhance the experience.  Google has made it easy for any business to add a virtual tour via their street view technology. This blog with help you navigate #virtualtours 


Bonus Infographic: The Financial Impact of Message On Hold Marketing

Bonus How To: 6 Tips for Making Better Vine Videos

Did you find these posts helpful? What’s your favorite post from 2013 year? Let us know in the comments.



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