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5 Ways to Shape-Up your Wellness and Fitness Marketing

With the New Year coming, it’s time for changes. For a majority of people changes can involve their: lifestyle, career, or living situations. Now if you’re a business involved in fitness, or wellness you won’t want to miss this opportunity! As a business owner, organizing and creating marketing strategies can be too time consuming. Not only can marketing plans be too time consuming, but your message seems to get lost in the clutter. Check out this list of marketing ideas, and see how you can communicate with your target audience more effectively.


From Facebook to Instagram we’ve all seen them- videos. They are a great way to capture attention and entertain. When building your wellness and fitness marketing videos, make sure they are easy to view on mobile.  Just one video recording session can create multiple posts. Here are some ideas for videos to generate traffic. Have your trainers introduce themselves and share an exercise that they like. Have a professional narrator explain where on the body that exercise will target. This will help viewers familiarize themselves with your trainer, and let them know that they are knowledgeable. This video can then be used on your website, social media posts, and as sponsored ads on the web! Not a gym owner? Team up with local nutritionist, and explain why your product is so beneficial and effective. Be sure to keep your professional image by using a professional voiceover for your video, to do the introduction.

A virtual tour is a great way to showcase your facility. Potential clients will want to see the facility before they even consider joining. Be sure to showcase everything from the parking lot, to the lockers, and everything in-between. Keep your viewers engaged by having a narrator explain additional facts and details about the facility as the tour is happening. You can then use this valuable content on your website. Be sure to remind viewers the features that set your facility aside from other gyms.

Similarly, when selling a product, you can show how and where the product is made. Give the viewer some background to the ingredients that make up your product and why you’ve selected those ingredients. Viewers want content that is interesting and educational. If a viewer sees no benefit in the video they will choose not to watch it. Do your best to keep the videos below two minutes. Any video over 2 minutes can cause viewers to lose interest.


An infographic is an illustration that creatively and efficiently shares statistics and facts. There is a ton of fact-based information that can be used, but posting large amounts of text can turn off visitors. Using an infographic pulls the viewer in with creative and relevant visuals making it easy for them to understand.

When readers see independent facts that support your cause they become engaged, and want to learn more about your product. If you want to take your infographic to the next level, you could even make it into a video infographic!

Professional Phone Recordings-

Have you ever called a company and heard a person cough, or a phone ring in the background of one of the phone recordings? Your auto attendant and phone greetings are the virtual front door to your business.  Callers who are reaching out for the first time with judge you by the quality of the caller experience. One of the fastest ways to lose credibility is having a poor phone setup. Especially during your peak times when call volume is high, or staff is shorthanded.  Here are some tips to help you improve your customer experience.

Make certain the greetings direct callers to the proper extension and they are recorded clearly and professionally. Think about it, if your business is closed and the perspective caller gets your closed voicemail greeting, you’ll want it to be professional. Not only from the voice aspect, but also the words spoken. Script out your greetings, and make sure they clearly communicate what information the caller should leave, and when they should be expecting a call back. If the greeting is unprofessional the caller will likely hang up. Not only will you lose that caller’s interest they will probably seek out another company with higher credibility. Show your perspective clients that their time is valuable and show them that you care.


Even in your busiest season, like New Years it is imperative to show prospects that you care. Take advantage of higher call volumes and consider creating an informative on hold message. Your Message on Hold program can share helpful wellness tips to callers, answer FAQs, and direct callers to email, or direct them to visit your website to get the information they are holding for. If you aren’t sure what exactly you want to say, that’s okay. The main objective is to use your Message On Hold program to communicate effectively to your clients while they are waiting for assistance.


How you target your audience and community plays a key role in communicating your message effectively. If you have a large population of clients who speak Spanish (or any language), you’ll want your messaging to be available in their native language. Consult the staff who greet guests and handle incoming calls, they can provide you with insight.

Look further into the demographics of current customers and see what other languages they speak. Communication needs to start at the most basic level of understanding in order to ensure that the messaging is effective. In addition to phone greetings, you may want to add on premise signage with directions and promotions in target languages. Be sure to extend foreign language throughout your entire marketing strategy.


Podcasts are great for people who are always on the go. They allow followers to listen while commuting, working out, or doing basically any other type of activity. Podcasts don’t have to be filled with tons of information, because you don’t want to lose interests of your followers.

Similarly, to your videos, podcasts can discuss current health concerns and how your product, or service can improve it. You can have local nutritionists, and athletes interviewed on your podcasts. They can discuss how your product or service helped them.

There are endless ways to market your products and services, but it has to be communicated properly. If you don’t know your target audience, then any marketing will be wasted. If you know your target, but the message isn’t properly communicated that won’t work either. Be sure to do your research, and build an effective message that creates the solution your prospects are in search of.


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