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5 Ways Auto Attendant Can Increase Efficiency in Your Business

Every business owner knows the importance of accurate and timely communications to keep the company running smoothly. A missed call or message can mean a significant loss of revenue and possibly a lost client. The auto attendant on your phone system can help to solve this issue. The obvious feature not missing a call is just one benefit of this technology.

Here are several ways an auto attendant can streamline your communications:

24/7 Calls

Calls during non-business hours could result in lost business if not handled properly. Even a few minutes after closing time can make the difference. An auto attendant can allow various messages to be created for different times enabling a more accurate and timely response. For example: You may want a different message for the weekend than on Monday through Friday. This goes way beyond a simple answering machine type of system.You can set the days and times of messages in advance and not have to reenter messages on a daily basis.

This can be very important to a growing company. Callers will realize that you are conducting your business in a professional manner. Customers will feel more confident with your company and understand that reliability and that customer satisfaction is high on your priority list.


Accurate Routing of Calls

A major concern in recent times is calls being routed to the wrong department or callers going through an endless choice of options to finally reach the correct person to handle a query. A business that can eliminate this hassle will have an advantage in acquiring new business.

Auto attendant allows customers to control the routing of calls to ensure reaching the right destination. There is no misunderstanding that results in being sent to the wrong area and having to start from the beginning wasting valuable time. If your business involves dealing with other business owners, the time lost may be a deciding factor in retaining a new client.


An auto attendant system can free employees to complete other tasks that need to be done in a timely manner. Efficiency is improved with quicker completion times of time-critical assignments. Productivity increases with less frustration as employees can complete their tasks smoothly.

Improved Waiting Time

In most businesses, there is no way to avoid missing a call occasionally. When the caller requests a particular person that is not available, you may have to look for them while the caller is on hold. .

This situation can be dramatically improved with a auto attendant. The employee who answered the phone will not receive the call. Not receiving the call will enable the employee to continue without interruption, the desired person will get a direct message. The caller’s wait time is much less. Therefore, by using an auto attendant the situation is less overall less frustrating, on everyone’s part.

Company Image

In today’s world, the competition is tough in any field. One way to raise your business to a higher level is a professional appearance. Designing a method of fast and accurate call handing can go a long way to impress prospective customers of your intention to be professional and handle any situation correctly.

Handling calls efficiently will not solve every problem in your business, but will help to eliminate one major issue that plagues most companies and can result in lost business and revenue. Any business owner’s goal is to grow the company and make a positive impression in the community. Explore how the auto attendant system can make a significant difference.


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