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5 Reasons Employees Shouldn’t Record Your IVR

Your company’s IVR is the “first impression” callers get about your business. Recording your voice prompts in house may be a quick and affordable solution, but here’s a few reasons why that decision might not be the right one:


1- Turnover

Every business experiences employee turnover. While it may make sense to get an employee with a nice voice to record something quick on your system, we only  recommend doing this when creating new IVR scripts, and trying out new call flows. This allows you to make sure these new call flows and scripts are functioning properly.  Once you’ve confirmed that the new call flow is working properly and your scripts are updated we recommend getting your scripts professionally recorded.

2-  Think of your Brand Image

Brand image is everything, and your phone system voice contributes to that. When creating your IVR, ask yourself…what image do I want to evoke and will the voice I use represent that image? Recording your voice prompts with an employee voice may detract from that image, or not fall in line with your branding goals.


 3- Employee or Spokesperson?

High volume call centers experience repeat activity, so it’s not unlikely for your representatives to speak with customers more than once. Having an employee voice may lead your customers to believe that their representative is the “spokesperson” for your company. 


4- Training Matters

You’ve spent lots of money and time training your employees. Voice coaching was not part of that curriculum. By choosing an employee to record your IVR, the subtle nuances found with professional voice talent may be lost. 

5- Make That Impression

A voice can exude energy or empathy, and depending on your type of business, you want your callers to experience that impression. Using a professional voice talent, as opposed to an employee, can convey those emotions and distinguish your business.  

Having professional recordings is affordable, quick, and easier than having your own employee record. It also allows you to devote more time to other priorities at your business. Holdcom does this every day and we will work to fit any company’s needs.


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