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4 Tips for Improving Your Remote Customer Experience

What defines customer experience at your company? Many businesses define customer experience, brand identity and recognition from the moment a customer comes within sight of a business location. Physical branding (the look, feel, and experience onsite) follows common sense and easily tested systems, but extending the branding experience to people off-site through your website and telecommunications access often overwhelms business people. 

remotecustomerexperience.jpgThe following are 4 Tips to help your business improve customer experience for those experiencing your brand in the virtual world. 

  • Phones Matter – A pleasant hold experience can make the difference between brand loyalty and a disgruntled former customer. Do not merely place canned music on the hold but use your hold recording to increase the value of your customer service and marketing through providing relevant information. 
  • Use Virtual Tours – With the increasing proliferation of mobile devices, many customers will look you up online minutes before coming to your location. A virtual tour will give them a feel for your business and start the customer service experience months, weeks, days, or even minutes before they decide to physically use your services. 
  • Increase Linguistic Diversity – Automated phone systems, website variations and online service portals can all be designed to serve multiple languages. This reduces labor costs and frees up your multi-lingual support reps to provide the best work for the most customers. 
  • Integrate Across Platforms – There are specific and unique colors, sounds, images and more associated with your brand by people who visit your physical location. In order to effectively bring your brand to the virtual world, you will need to integrate branding across your phone system, video products, social media and your website. 

There are many different things to consider in crafting a great virtual brand. Use these 4 areas to start building a brand strategy across your business systems and serve customers no matter their location.


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