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4 Online Video Ideas to Improve Customer Service Strategies

Videos Ideas for Customer ServiceIf you have a business, you have customers. If you have customers, they have questions. No matter what you sell, do, or offer, someone will need to ask you something about it. And when the time comes, you and your staff will have to provide them with an appropriate answer. Just as there are many ways for today’s consumer to ask questions (email, telephone, social media, in person), there are also many ways for questions to be answered. One way businesses are answering client’s questions today is with video. Whether it’s a longer production or a short clip, video allows you to answer questions in concise, yet elaborate, ways. Here are some ways to improve your customer service strategies with videos:

Quickly Answer a Question with Vine

If your business is using the new app, Vine, as part of your social media strategy, consider using it to answer some basic questions on social media. The 6-second time limit imposed by Vine will force you and your team to make answers succinct and helpful – there will be no time to ramble. Check out this answer from HubSpot CEO Mike Volpe:

One caveat for your Vine videos – they are automatically muted when shared online, so your customers will have to know to turn the sound on. Our tips for making vine videos will help you get started. 

Create a How To Video

Is there a process you find yourself explaining to your customers again and again? A “How To” video might be the perfect solution. Instead of asking your service representatives to walk customers through the same process, again and again, create a video that does the job. Staff members can send a link to the video to your clients, via email, chat, or social media, and follow up to make sure it was helpful. Using a well-written script and narration by a professional voice over talent can make your content more palatable and helpful. Here’s a simple example from iRobot.

Make a “Behind The Scenes” Video that Explains Your Workflow

Sometimes, customer confusion is caused by a lack of knowledge about what goes on at your business. Give your customers a behind the scenes view so they can see how their product is made and order fulfilled. This may help answer many of their frequently asked questions, plus it’s a piece that can be used by both marketing and customer service departments.

Create a Product Tour

A Product Tour gives customers information about your products or services. Tours like this are especially useful for online businesses. Generally, they give a brief overview, explain the benefits of a product/service, and incorporate a brief tutorial. A product tour should focus on ease-of-use and use clear language. Here’s an example from SquareSpace: 

Encourage Video Reviews or Testimonials

A great way to help customers and prospects with your products and services is to let them know what others have said about them – good or bad. A video review is a great way for customers to hear first hand about their needs. A video review or video testimonial can enhance website content while helping customers learn more about a product or service. Plus, no one knows the benefits of your products and services as well as existing customers.


Do you use videos as part of your customer service strategies? Many businesses think they’re just for marketing or for fun – but there’s tremendous potential with video. Let us know what you think in the comments! 






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