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3 Ways Your Hospital Will Win with Video Marketing

Video marketing offers amazing engagement to marketers. There are a multitude of marketing and visual platforms that get high engagement on social networks and throughout the web. But as a hospital, it can be tricky to understand how to best utilize video to market your operations. We will discuss 3 ways you can market your hospital:   


Show Your Culture  

Nothing tells patients they will be well cared for than if the doctors and staff are happy in their jobs. If they are on the leading edge of research and are inspired by their peers, they will treat each other (and their patients) with interest and respect. This is also a great way to attract top medical professionals to seek work at your hospital. Interview the staff (and students if a teaching hospital) about why it’s such a great hospital. They can than be posted to YouTube and shared throughout your social media channels.  

“Day In The Life Of”

While no one wants to go to the hospital, people do want to know that you are good at handling any medical situations that may arise. They also want to know what your typical cases include. Do a feature on a “day in the life” of the hospital. Highlight how efficiently patients are moved through the system and the personal attention they receive. Emphasize the strengths of your hospital. This is visual proof that even though going to the hospital can be stressful and scary, they are in good hands with your care.  

Showcase a New Technology  

Showcase a new technology or program in action. If you have therapy animals visit kids or long term patients, make sure to shoot video of these precious interactions. These evoked emotion and trust. If your hospital offers 3D printing, then showcase this technology. Look for ways you can utilize video to demonstrate cool technologies such as organ transplant helio pads, Patient Nurse Navigators, and  “Home Birthing” rooms.

By using these frameworks for creating videos, you can use this medium to have impactful results in marketing your hospital.


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