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3 Ways To Use Video To Boost Staff Engagement

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Since YouTube celebrities took the Internet by storm, small businesses and corporations alike have adopted video production to connect with their audience in creative and imaginative ways. From Twitter contests to Heineken’s cavalier “drop everything and travel” departure roulette, from’s “find out what happens next” to Reddit’s live celebrity Q+A sessions, audiences have never been more engaged.

And it’s not just the consumer who is having all the fun: video production is being used to bring company staff closer together. Here are three ways you can use video production to boost your own staff engagement:

“Get To Know Me”

The days of strained smiles and framed company photos are long gone; short employee interviews are peppering “About Us” pages the Internet over. These videos are dynamic, personalized, and lend a human side to your company. Casual questions, such as “what is your favorite animal” or “what accomplishments are you most proud of,” are bound to have your staff excited to talk about themselves and lend their own unique touch to the company. Pair them with questions and information about the staff member’s department and role at your company. Frame the interview in a way that provides value to your viewer – for example, you might have a video that introduces a client’s dedicated customer service team.


When filming a testimonial video, be sure to bring the employee and team who have worked with that particular client with you. They can help make introductions, ease the client’s nerves, and might even be an extra crew member. Plus, creating a short video production that documents an initial “meeting in person,” or bringing in a famous client to surprise your staff (and capturing their reactions on video!) can create an emotional, and shareable, experience.

Giving your team or employee the opportunity to meet a client in person can help them see the value that they bring to others’ lives.

The Mini-Series is the master of staff engagement. The majority of their sketches involve their live staff participating in hilarious hijinks around the office. Though there are the designated protagonists, the videos often engage staff members who are normally “behind-the-scenes,” such as HR, production, or administration.


Above are listed ways to use video production to boost customer engagement. But the process itself is it’s own bonding experience. Video production requires multiple team members to coordinate across multiple platforms; setting up lights, scheduling locations, writing, acting, and learning new programs such as Adobe AfterEffects and Photoshop. So instead of your next morning meeting, shoot a video instead! Get Started on your video! Holdcom can help! 



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